Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 29 March 2019

George Kosch, World Profit CEO, Co-Founder and Bootcamp Training Instructor started the session right on time (must be that military training and discipline). You can take the man out of the military but not the military out of the man.

In this session, George Kosch combined training topics with a number of interesting discussion points.

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Training Theme: Value

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Discussion: How To AVOID getting caught in a Pyramid Scheme

George Kosch discussed and illustrated a pyramid scheme based on his own personal experience. Know what to look for an how to AVOID getting caught. Your first hint? There is no product. AVOID in fact, RUN from any program, or opportunity that has NO product to solve. If it’s simply moving money from one person to another – look out. If you buy something you should GET something of actual value.

Featured World Profit products and service updates

1. World Profit’s ClickBank Super Store – pre-loaded with nearly 10,000 products

  • NEW products just added this week! We do this about every week to keep your store up to date
  • What is ClickBank’s Marketplace and how you make money promoting ClickBank products
  • How to sign up for ClickBank (no cost)
  • How to get the ClickBank Super Store installed on your Worldprofit hosted Silver or Platinum VIP Membership site
  • Customizable, Searchable. Store. Mobile and Google SEO friendly. Integrated with other aspects of your website
  • Built and Supported by World Profit Inc.
  • Sales Manager for SALES INTEL – helps you know what’s new, hot, top selling and more

Watch the Overview and HELP Video of World Profit’s CLICKBANK Superstore: https://worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=884
Watch the Overview and HELP Video of World Profit’s CLICKBANK Sale Manager: https://www.worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=886

2. World Profit’s Classified Ad System

Worldprofit Members get both a plugin for your site AND can post UNLIMITED ads.
George Kosch demonstrated what it is and how to use it.
Includes customization features – change your main page image, the title etc to make your site unique.

  • How you benefit (leads, sign ups, list building, backlinks, ad views, traffic, promotion, sales conversions, SEO, and more)
  • How to get this system activated on your Worldprofit domain hosted Silver/Platinum VIP website
  • How to start posting your own UNLIMITED Classifieds Ads.
  • BACKLINKS! HUGE value for getting backlinks without doing anything, the network of Member sites does the rest for you
  • Each and every Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Member gets this Classified Ad System installed on your site at NO cost – our gift to you for your ongoing support of Worldprofit and the services and training we offer.

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World Profit Platinum VIP Members get MORE Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Ad Credits at 18 top traffic sites – this is real value – if you purchased all that we’ve included it would be about $200 in advertising EVERY month. Use this advertising to promote ANY Affiliate program, it doesn’t have to be Worldprofit. Use your included Worldprofit REMINDER service to send yourself a reminder of when your next Traffic Injection can be activated.


We appreciate everyone who attended World Profit’s LIVE home business and affiliate marketing training presented by Worldprofit Inc, with instructor George Kosch.

Here’s the link to watch the MARCH 29, 2019 RECORDING

World Profit’s next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday April 5, 2019.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch Capt (ret’d) CEO & CoFounder Worldprofit.com