Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: THANK YOU!

Our Members are awesome!

Recently we asked for help – and our Members didn’t let us down.
You see, we are in the process of updating our Testimonials section of our website and preparing new advertising campaigns so we asked our members to send their reviews of the training and services at Worldprofit. We’ve been overwhelmed and deeply humbled by the tremendous positive response. Thank you so much!

Below is what Khalil had to say, THANK YOU to Khahil – and to everyone who has taken the time to submit so far.
If you would like to submit your own review, we would really appreciate it.
Login to your member area and use this link,

"I love Worldprofit!

I’ve learned so much as a newer Silver member and I am very pleased at the results I have achieved so far.
Bigger and better the best you are keep going far reach the stars!

In Success,

Khalil Stewart, New York. USA

Miss the Jan 5th training????

In case you missed George Kosch’s LIVE Bootcamp Training on Friday Jan 5th, here’s a recap and link so you can watch the recording.

After completing 52 weekly training sessions in 2017, George Kosch kicked off the first session of 2018 with some updates for Worldprofit Members.

Questions are encouraged throughout the training – and we had a lot of eager particiants today with lots of great questions!
Participants can also request demonstrations during the interactive training. The more questions the better so you learn more and can earn more with that knowledge.

Updates, Feature Topics and Demonstrations

Congratulations to Linda Elze, Worldprofit’s Sales Champion for 2017!
Applause for everyone who made sales this past year, and a CHEER for those who made it to the TOP 10 list.
How do you get there? Focus on the training and consistently promote. How often should you promote? As often as you can!

NEW Sales Funnel is ready now called "BitCoin Profit Secrets".
ALL the set up is done for you! One click and you are promoting.
Keep 100% of the commission you earn on the sales of these Sales Funnel Products.
Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members now have access to 10 ready-made sales funnels.
Access in your Member area on LEFT MENU under Website Management select SALES FUNNEL BUILDERS
All Members get access to these products at no cost in your Member area.
–> Platinum VIP Members you get the additional bonus of the complete VIDEO Course that accompanies the Bitcoin Profit Secrets Ebook.

! New Landing Page is available to generate Associate sign ups.
Access this new page and other landing pages, in your Member area on TOP MENU click on AD EXAMPLES

Cool Tools section of Member area for speeding up your promotion and getting organized.
Access on TOP MENU select COOL TOOLS.

BitCoinAdExchange – new site.

–> Link to access the recorded version of Jan 5th session.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session.

Worldprofit’s next LIVE interactive bootcamp and affiliate marketing training session, is Friday Jan 12, 2018.

A few comments and questions from training participants

Paul: what’s the new funnel?
Bobbi Jo: Beth the Videos on each item you select are really great, work step by step
Rich: New funnel is great – nice job
Bill: Coming up on two years now with Worldprofit…. more excited that ever to be a Dealer
Bill: The most exciting part has begun… when your referrals start making money as well
Beth: I love Bitcoin, making money right now with it!
Deyontavis: No questions! Let’s get promoting!
Bobbi Jo: Yes it’s going to be a great year, because I’m going to pass up Linda
Beth: Thanks this training is great. More personal
Michael: What determine what TEs you add to the Traffic Streams?
Bill: looking forward to an exciting 2018 ….and wish all the best for all of you as well
Robert: right now I promote 99% of my time
Beth: Can you explain the difference between SafeLists and Traffic Exchanges?
Bobbi Jo: If I can’t sleep I jump on and check the Monitor List or if no one is there I try to jump in, just in case.
Beth: So the Bitcoin Ad Exchange is just for Bitcoin?
Linda: awesome as usual..thank you George
Charity: Thanks George & Sandi!!!! 🙂
Vijian: Thank you George.
Robert: great session Thank You George
Linda: what about the bonuses for one year memberships?
Sandi: Linda, anyone interested in converting to a One Year membership to enjoy some nice bonuses should submit a Support form to get a personalized quote

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