Personal Live Business Center and how it closes business like magic!

Platinum VIP Members and Monitors get the Personal Live Business Center, known as the PLBC, included in their Membership.

What is the Personal LBC?

The Personal Live Business Center (PLBC) allows Members to host their own personalized Live Business Center. Essentially it’s a landing page with an embedded Live Business Center – your OWN Live Business Center. You are the host, you talk to people, you are in charge.

The PLBC includes an Associate sign up form, and optins for the Safelists, as well as an order link for the Silver Membership. It’s a sales room and you are commander-in-chief. Included is an easy to use ADMIN area so you can personalize what your PLBC is called, as well as the messages posted on-screen and the text colour. You can add in your own HOT LINKS or hot opportunities as well.

Use the HOT LINKS section of your PLBC to add links to other affiliates or programs you are marketing. Use the PLBC as an entry page to expose your prospects to all the opportunities you are involved. You do not have to limit yourself to just Worldprofit’s services. Your PLBC is really a fancy Landing Page with integrated LIVE VIDEO featuring YOU – so use it to generate leads and sales!

Also included in the PLBC is ad and link you can use to promote your PLBC to get people to visit you.

You have the option of having appear on your PLBC, any of the links, affiliates, contact details, social media etc that you have added to your Profile. Social media has been integrated so you can customize what links you wish to show up including Facebook, YouTube,Twitter and Skype etc.

If you have not yet updated your profile settings, we urge you to do this. This is important so anyone you sponsor gets to know you, your contact details and the opportunities you are involved in outside of Worldprofit’s Dealer program. You can update your Profile in one of two ways. The first way is to update it within the Personal Live Business Center main page where your settings are found. The second way is by looking in the TOP LEFT corner of your Member area where your name appears. There you will see a link that says PROFILE. Click on that and update your Profile.

What is unique about the PLBC, is that to sign up for a Silver Membership, visitors to your PLBC do not actually have to sign up as an Associate prior to ordering. They can place an order directly from you, from within your PLBC. If they are not ready to order they can simply sign up as an Associate Member under you, then if they login again they will go through the usual procedure for upgrading through Worldprofit’s Live Business Center to watch the video, be made an offer by the Monitor, then complete an order form. If they upgrade, and you referred them, the sale is credited to you.

No one else offers a Personal LIve Business Center. Use it to sign up Silver Membership sales, or to promote your other programs, affiliates and opportunities, it’s your place to meet your prospects and make sales.

The PLBC also offers you the ability to add your own page title and page contents. That way you can "turn off" the Associate Signup/Sales forms and "turn on" your own content above and below the PLBC.

If you have a Guest that you want to invite to use the Speaker portion of the PLBC, it’s possible with no effort! It’s amazing.

How to access the Personal Live Business Center

From the left menu in your Member area, select WEBCAST VIDEO SERVICES then select PERSONAL LBC.

Silver Members interested in getting the PLBC, should consider upgrading to Platinum VIP Membership to get this tool and much more. For details on all that is included in the Platinum VIP Membership, review the Lesson Plan titled Comparison of Silver Membership to Platinum, or submit an Accounts Support form to request an upgrade quote.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.