Awesome testimonial just in from Brian Armstrong. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

The combination of exclusive leads (available through Worldprofit) and Call Loop is a win win combination. I recently purchased 75 exclusive leads to see how good they were. I put all the phone numbers into call loop and sent out a blast with a short 20 second message. 10 minutes after it was sent I started getting call backs from people requesting more information. In the course of an hour and half I received 20 calls, and they are still coming in days later. Out of 75 leads there were 4 bad phone numbers and 3 email addresses. In my opinion the value far exceeds the low cost. In case your wondering what the message I sent was, "Brian Armstrong here if your Looking to work from home visit (web address] and sign up for a free no obligation account. or call me now. at {Phone #} I am standing by to assist you" Great value great results.