Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Recap of Friday Training with LINK to recording. Blogs, what you need to know.

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Sep 11, 2015.

Training Topics

What you need to know about upgrading to Windows 10 and why you want to be very careful.
What to do if you are new to Worldprofit.
The online Bootcamp Training Lessons (over 100 that you do at your own pace).
Lead Generation
List Building

Time Saving Tool for Promotion: Jit Bit

Recommended Advertising Sites:

IBO Tool Box
Adland Pro

Offers – the key to closing sales.
Bonuses and how to easily create them using resources in your Worldprofit Member area.

Blogging – Are Blogs still a powerful marketing tool? Yes if you include these critical components.
Lazy Blogger
Jet Pack (Easily connect blog posts with your social media campaigns)
FaceBook Pages as a Blog.
Google scanning of your blog – unique content is essential. Don’t mess with Google by taking shortcuts with duplicate content.
LIVE site activity on your WordPress blog

Recommended Sites:

How to access all WORLDPROFIT training videos and fine specific training topics ?
Go to and do a search by key word. Search engine optimization for one or ALL your sites.

Discussion, Questions, Demonstration requests from Members

Monitor Updates

George discussed some upcoming changes to the Monitor program regarding training and also clearer distinction between JR and SR. Monitors.
Anyone interested in started the training to be a Monitor should complete a Support form so we can help you get started.


–> Watch the recording of the LIVE training here:

Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp training session with George Kosch is FRIDAY Sept 18, 2015 at 8 AM CT.

Are Blogs still a powerful marketing tool?

You bet!

But ONLY if you include these critical components – lead capture, list building, and integration to your Social Media campaigns.

We’ve made all of this EASY for you!

Here ‘s what you get when your order your own Blog from Worldprofit.

1. We setup a WordPress Blog system on YOUR domain with this example type of url:
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2. We will add a theme of your choice to your Blog worth over $70 – FREE for Worldprofit Members!!!
You can choose from over 150 templates – beautiful, professional templates available from Ithemes or WooThemes..

3. All security patches and hosting set up is handled by Worldprofit for the one time fee to install of $49.95.

4. [NEW] You get the $37 SEO Pressor plug in FREE! (This is a Clickbank Product in the CB Promo Kit… so it’s real and actually sells)

6. [NEW] You get the $67 WP Syndicator plug in FREE! (This is a Clickbank Product in the CB Promo Kit… so it’s real and actually sells)

Worldprofit will continue to purchase licences for the best products that work with your WordPress Blog and give them to you free.

7. Great publishing software called Windows Live Writer is extremely powerful:

8. Easily use JETPACK to integrate all your Social Media campaigns.

9. Super easy to add in lead capture forms, or integrate your own list building forms from Aweber, Get Response etc.

10. You can add quickly and easily your own unique content, so Google scans your site – the key to good search engine optimization.

We value our Members tremendously and that’s why we offer this service at a ONE time setup cost. No maintenance fee.
Once setup YOU are in control and can grow your site using the incredible power of WordPress!

If you are logged in to your Worldprofit Member area you can see the themes, details and order info here:

Or, in your Member ara on LEFT MENU select Plugins/BLOGS/Cpanel then in submenu click on WORDPRESS BLOGS. Also in the submmenu you have the otpin for a VIDEO BLOG, or a CLASSIFIED AD Blog.

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