Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Um, just wondering. Will you be there?

Your next Training Day is FRIDAY AUG 28th at 8 AM CT.

Want to know what to do to make money today, tomorrow and for the next 20 years? Attend the training! George has your blueprint for online success.

NO HYPE just HELP is what you will get in this down-to-earth reality based training.

George Kosch is your personal instructor and income coach. He’s available to you EVERY Friday morning to answer your questions, provide demonstrations and teach you what you need to do to earn consistent online income.

On Friday morning, a few minutes before 8 am CT click this link below and see George Kosch LIVE for the Bootcamp Training Workshop

The weekly training is divided into 3 sections.
The first segment is for Beginners/Newbies, the second segment is for more advanced and experienced marketers, the final segment is for Monitor training.

Get on track for making consistent income from home from multiple legitimate sources.

-Learn all the ways you can earn at Worldprofit – and/or how you can grow ALL your online business programs.
-Bring your questions and requests for demonstrations. Bring a pen and paper and be prepared to listen and learn.
-Those people earning in our program, attend the training then consistently do what we teach.

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting YOUR OWN affiliate programs or biz ops – this training shows you exactly how to market ANY online business.

Note: If you’re not sure what time 8 AM CT is in your part of the world, do a search at Google for a TIME ZONE converter.

DON’T WORRY! If you can’t attend the LIVE training ALL sessions are recorded and posted to the TRAINING section of your Member area within 24 hours.

New Members! Need help?

We are here 7 days week to help you!

Worldprofit offers the most long-living and comprehensive online training program available as developed over the last 20+ years. Take advantage of what is at your fingertips based on our hands on approach and real world experience.

Here’s how to get help.

1. Submit a Support Ticket
In your Member area on TOP MENU is a link for SUPPORT.
Click on that and you can submit the details of what you need help with.
Be brief, accurate and specific so we can understand your needs and provide the most helpful information.
Our Support Team will get your ticket and get back to usually within 24 hours but during peak times 48 hours.

2. Search feature
We also have a SEARCH feature you can use to type in specific key words and locate exact page matches.
In your Member area at the TOP of the page on the RIGHT top section of the page you will find the SEARCH window.
Type in your key words there (be sure to spell correctly).
If you don’t find what you are looking for, submit a Support Ticket and we can help you find the resource.

3. The Bootcamp Training lessons
Did you know that you can see a list of ALL of the Bootcamp Lessons available to you?
In your Member area on LEFT menu click on HOME BUSINESS Bootcamp then select BOOTCAMP LESSON SUMMARY.
There you will see the titles of all the lessons and can zero in on the topics of most interest to you.
There are over 100 lesson plans ALL related to teaching you about marketing and making money online.
Move forward or backwards, review and read the lessons you select.
You can also create your own ebook of ALL the lessons.

4. LIVE interactive Training EVERY Friday morning.
George Kosch is your personal bootcamp trainer and coach.
EVERY Friday he does a LIVE training session to help YOU get on track for making consistent income from home.
You can ask questions, get demonstrations as needed and access the most accurate and up to date info, products and services right in front of your eyes.
This training teaches you how to market ANY online business or affiliate program, the skills and resources in your member area can be used for your other programs too.
Time: Fridays at 8 AM CT unless otherwise posted. Access is within your member area.
ALL LIVE sessions are recorded if that time is not convenient for you.

5. Video Library Search

You can also do a key word or topic search in Worldprofit’s Home Business Library to locate videos we have recorded on specific topics and Worldprofit products and services.
To do this go to

IT all ENDS August 31st!
Worldprofit’s 21st Birthday Offer is ENDING.
Don’t say we didn’t give you LOTS of chances to get on this.

Here’s just some of the offers we are dishing up to our valued Members, and loyal Monitors.

Upgrade from Silver to Platinum VIP Membership to get $1500 in free services and software PLUS 500 Associate Members placed under you.
Your cost during our birthday offer, just $49.95 extra.
Submit a Support form and request our VIP BIRTHDAY UPGRADE Offer.

Purchase our CB Maximizer Software and get 50 Associate Members placed under you.
This is one of our MOST popular automated money making tools:
Details here:
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Purchase 100 Prospect Leads (at the regular price) and get 50 Associate Members placed under you.
Use these fresh quality leads for ANY of your online business programs, MLM etc.
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Purchase Squeeze Page Ninja and get 50 Associate Members placed under you.
Feedback from our Members about this software is 100% positive, super easy to use!
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Renew your monthly Silver Membership in AUGUST to get 100 Associate Members placed under you.
Renew your monthly PLATINUM VIP Membership in AUGUST to get 150 Associate Members placed under you.
To get your Associates, simply submit your August monthly payment as you normally do, then submit a Support Form and say
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY WORLDPROFIT. I just renewed my Membership, kindly dish up my free Associate members."

Submit a nice testimonial about how you like Worldprofit’s services and training and we will place 50 Associate Members under you with our THANKS!
Submit your testimonial here, when we see it come in we will add your Associates to your account for you!

All Birthday Offers shown here END August 31st, 2015 at midnight. Act now to enjoy the bonuses or MISS OUT!

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