Awesome video estimonial just in from David Todd. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

While I have been here only a couple of weeks, the training is blowing me away. George has a calm, instructor pilot demeanor which I very much appreciate. Wish I’d started my 40 year flying career with him instead of the guy who disliked us college ROTC candidates and on 1st flight took me to 3000 feet over the Bay bridge and said don’t do this or we will stall. The spin Scared me to panic.

See his Video Testimonial Here:

With my introduction to Worldprofit training George has instilled a calm self assurance that he will not put us in a stall and spin off into the next bright shiny program with flashy splash pages. He shows us the business center with folks just like us earning a living working the system. That convinced me in the 1st place to put my trust and my $ and now my efforts into the training.