Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 8 Ways We are Working for YOU!

8 Major Elements of Worldprofit’s System that are ALWAYS WORKING to help YOU make money.

1. Associate Sign up Process
2. Integrated List Building
3. 24 HR Sales Closing in the Live Business Center
4. Multiple Sources of Income
5. Ongoing Marketing, Tools, Software
6. Training – online lessons, videos and LIVE sessions each week
7. Trusted Traffic and Lead Sources
8. Support – 7 days a week

The entire Worldprofit program is built on promotion to attract leads, also called Associates. There are FREE Associate Members. They don’t pay anything to become a free Associate Member.

By promoting on a consistent basis to generate free Associate Members (leads) you are building your online business one person at a time.

You sign up free Associate Members using the Landing pages, and advertising aids we provide in your Member area. You promote these to the list of places we recommend, both free and paid options are available.

When people sign up as a free Associate member at Worldprofit they can:

-stay on as just a free Associate Member
-upgrade to Silver or Platinum VIP Membership – monthly or on a prepaid one year term.
-buy any of the other hundreds of ebooks, software, money making products, advertising etc that we offer
-subscribe to any of your external lists for your own list building purposes

When your Associate logs in to their free member account, they are greeted by one of our Monitors who are in the Live Business Center 24 hours a day. Associates are made an offer to upgrade to a paid Silver Membership. The value to YOU of the LIVE BUSINESS CENTER should be clear. Promotion is the key to seeing a conversion to sales.

You receive commissions of 20 – 100% commission when an Associate you refers upgrades to Silver or Platinum VIP Membership or purchases various products or services. A complete commission chart of what you make, how much and on what is in your Member area. No commission is paid to you for signing up free Associate members, commission is only paid to you, if the free Member then goes on to buy a product or service.

Worldprofit continues to send an emailed Newsletter every few days to ALL Associates. The email includes offers, incentive, promotions, products for sale, and various free giveaways to encourage them to logon to their Free Associate member account. This newsletter gets sent out from our head office and you do not have to do anything.

This ongoing, integrated, automated process allows YOU and all our members to focus 100% on promotion and the signing up of new Associates.

List building is critical to making sales today, tomorrow and down the road as you build your online business. Worldprofit’s entire program helps you to not just sign up the Associate initially but helps you build your own marketing lists, so you can maintain contact and an ongoing sales relationship with that person. Your membership includes hundreds of products you can sell to earn commission, and this is where the VALUE of your email marketing list should become very obvious to you.

In your Member area are recommended traffic sources in your Member area, some paid, some free. You can use these sites to promote any and all your programs, not just Worldprofit. Included in your Membership is a MONTHLY TRAFFIC INJECTION, make sure you have activated this. If you have not yet reviewed the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section in your Member area spend some time in there. These resources will save you time and frustration. In his bootcamp training, George Kosch explains how to avoid getting ripped off by buying fake traffic. Watch these videos (in the training section, or do a search using the search window) and attend the LIVE training sessions. Traffic is critical to building your online business, but if you are not getting it from reputable sources you will quickly grow frustrated and drain your pockets. This kind of valuable information that is shared with you and demonstrated in the training makes the cost of your Worldprofit Membership well worth it.

NOTE: For those of you in OTHER or MULTIPLE Affiliate programs, you can learn about online marketing and how to generate steady leads and traffic by following our training program and utilizing the resources included in your Membership, What we teach and the resources provided can be used to build ANY online business. The PLR store alone includes over 200 products to help you learn and understand how to market online. Add to this the video training library, the Resellers Club, the three Facebook Marketing Courses, the SEO tools and you have finger tip access and a home base for ALL your online ventures.

If you do not understand this or need help getting on track here is what you should do now.

1. In your Member area on the TOP MENU where it says TRAINING, watch the BEGINNERS VIDEO.
2. On the main page of your Member area, scroll down to the section with the Bootcamp Lessons. We have 100+ lesson plans that teach you exactly what to do, how to use the resources and how to make money in our program.
3. Attend the LIVE TRAINING on Fridays with George Kosch. These are LIVE and interactive so you can ask questions, see demonstrations on screen, find out what works and what doesn’t work, what’s new and what’s coming. These sessions are highly informative and also recorded then posted to the Training section.
4. If you get stuck or need help, submit a SUPPORT FORM to our Support team but make sure PLEASE that you have FIRST watched the BEGINNERS video mentioned above.


Get them while they last!

Worldprofit offers a limited supply of leads.

These are people who have completed an online form within the last 3 days saying they would like to learn about a home business opportunity. We buy these leads from a trusted vendor and load them daily to the Member area.

The cost is low and the quality is high as determined by the feedback from our buyers.

Use these leads as prospects for ANY of your affiliate programs and of course also for Worldprofit membership sales. These leads have confirmed when requesting information that they have at least $100 available to start a home business.

We make NO profit on these leads.

If you want to buy leads – for any of your online programs, this is a trusted source.

Here’s how to get your leads:

On LEFT menu in your Member area click on the RED NUMBER that indicates how many leads are available now.



Details and pricing are there, see for yourself where these leads come from and why they are so in demand.

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