Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Dealers tell us

A number of Dealers have logged in and started using Call Loop, they tell us "I LOVE IT!"

Worldprofit’s CALL LOOP SYSTEM.

With CALL LOOP you can call your Prospects Automatically with ONE Click!

Worldprofit now has a system available exclusively to Worldprofit Members that allows you to record a single message or MANY messages, and have the message sent to any prospect with a valid phone number – with one click!

You may have yourself already received a recorded phone call from a political candidate, or from your credit card company, or from a charitable organization. Have you ever wondered how those big companies do it? You hear a human voice not a computer generated voice, but it’s a recorded message that has called you. You listen, then you hang up.

I bet you think that kind of automated system would cost thousands of dollars to setup…

WRONG! Thanks to Worldprofit’s integrated Call Loop System, you can try this system free and then continue to use it for just pennies per call!

As a marketer, we hope your face is lighting up right now! It should be!

Are you starting see the power of Worldprofit’s Call Loop system to GROW your online business?

This is powerful! This is easy! This will help you connect with people, help you make sales!

Call Loop is an easy, time-saving method to call your Prospects, to call your Associates, to call your Dealers.
Use it to grow your Worldprofit business, or use it for any and all your online business programs, affiliate programs, MLM, etc.

We have integrated Call Loop into your Worldprofit Prospect Manager system in your Member area.
This services is an option for both Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

We have added scripts you can use as is, or add your own flair, or record your own messages to suit your own purposes.

Examples of messages you may wish to record:

Introductory Message: Call your leads to introduce yourself and provide your contact details.

Associate Message: Call your Associates and urge them to login so they can see what Worldprofit offers.

Dealer Message: Call your Sales Referrals (Dealers) to encourage them to start the Home Business Bootcamp Training.

Follow up Messages: Need to check back with some of your prospects? Record a follow up message and just press SEND to have the system call you recipient(s).

Special Offer Message: Call your prospects with a One Time Offer.

MLM Message: Are you in an MLM program of some type? Call your leads, or your downline using this system.

We have been testing and using this system for some time now.

Feedback from Dealers who are using Call Loop tell us " I LOVE IT!"

To try the system is free. You get to make your first 25 calls at no cost (14 day Trial). If you decide to continue to use this service, you buy CALL CREDITS.

After you watch George Kosch demonstrate this system you will never look back. Call ’em all!

The best way to understand how you can use CALL LOOP to grow your business, is to watch this video by George Kosch.

How to Access Worldprofit’s Call Loop System

1. In your Worldprofit Member area, on LEFT MENU, select PROSPECT MANAGER.
2. On the mini-menu below where it says PROSPECT MANAGER, select ADD CALL LOOPS.
3. Follow the instructions posted there. PLEASE watch the HELP VIDEO before you start.

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