Awesome testimonial just in from John Davidson. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

hello associates Do you know what the best thing i ever did online was If you guessed became a silver member Ive been trying to figure out how to make money online for well over a year. being a lead spending money on all kinds of broken systems that dont deliver half the knowledge or upsell and upsell till you turn blue in the face and when when your new you dont know what affiliates are so you buy in to some of these make truckloades of money while you sleep B.S systems and i was suckered into well over my share believe me I worked really hard at all of them to find out down the road they dead end or you need 25,000 to make 3,000 i wish i would have found this place a few years ago ive tried GVO Empowernetwork, Autowealth package ,Binary trading , coffee shop millionaire even workathome institute. wich ill say was the second to this site as far as tools and how to video but it was still a self learning system like all the rest. Except the one the only silver membership ive been doing this for three days and ive gotten over 200 signed assosiates (prospects)with the ads prewritten with capture and landing pages that actually i found a couple that wre converting 3% thats huge i could see it infront of my eyes you dont know how many countless hours ive spent posting pages and offers and promotions that did not convert at 0% ive been trying to build another list for my website for the last month before i found worldprofit and i only have 250 on that list and in the last three days alone ive done that with adExamples and finally have the key implanted on my forehead and it is amazing im a fisherman and i know i had good bait just no fish now i have a lead magnet and a deep wide stream of iron marketers that are in the same niche safelists and traffic sharing are like the best fishing streams my niche can have and im going trolling daily and if the training on converting my leades to sales is just as straite up and up as the list building then im going to actually succeed helping others cash paychecks from the internet there is no php java hmlt or any coding envolved everything tool wise is oiled up and ready to rock how easy is that Wow thank you for doing what you do its excactlly what my business wants to achieve.