Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 4 Feb 2015

Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch welcomed all Members to the LIVE interactive training session.

George started the training off with some exciting new updates!

1. Add Your Picture to your Profile (and your landing pages)
For those Members who want to personalize their Profile and Landing pages we have added a new tool so you can easily use your Webcam to take your own picture. Now you don’t have to search for a suitable photo, simply use this tool with your Webcam to snap a photo instantly. This tool is in your member area, on LEFT MENU at the TOP, underneath your name click on PROFILE SETTTINGS. Follow the instructions there.

2. Pay Per Click Solo Ads now ready.
George Kosch demonstrated how Members can now send Solo ads to Worldprofit’s Associate Newsletter.
This is a pay per click system so Members will have another source of revenue.

3. A new CHAT System is now in place in the Worldprofit Member area for all Associates and Members INCLUDING MOBILE users.
George provided a demonstration and guidelines for use by Members as well as recommending FireFox as browser of choice.

Worldprofit Resources discussed or demonstrated.

Associate Sources
-Use this resource to see exactly WHERE Associates are coming from, which sites, and from which landing pages.

Who’s Logged In
-Use this resource to know who are your BEST prospects. You can see your Associates listed, order them, and know when and how many times they have logged in.
Hint: Those Associates who recent and log in the most are the best prospects. Save by time by knowing who to contact.

Instant Silver Sales Pages (Direct Sales Pages)
-These landing pages produce instant sales. The Silver Membership offer is outlined on the page and prospects can order IMMEDIATELY without having to enter the Live Business Center. That’s why we call them INSTANT SALES PAGES, you promote these, and people order directy from the sales page bypassing the Live Business Center. When they buy it’s instant!

Virtual Sales Assistant
-Use this tool to follow up with Associates who say they’re interested in but can’t upgrade today. You can set a follow up date for automatic follow up with preset emails or emails that you customize yourself.
Many of our Top Sellers use this tool to stay organized and can follow up easily with prospective buyers.
The Virtual Sales Assistant is part of your Prospect Manager, so look for it there.

Video Locker
-Members can load videos to this site, or record your own videos to load, or Members can watch the training videos loaded by Worldprofit.

Prospect Manager
-When Associates sign up under your link they are automatically entered to your Prospect Manager.
You can see your Associates at any given time, follow up, enter notes, offer details, send an offer to ALL your Associates, enter program /opportunity of interest etc.

Remember these tools and resources can be utilized for any and ALL your online progtrams, not just your Worldprofit business. It’s all in your Member area, a one stop shop for all your online business development.

Words of Caution about Automated Promotion:
Avoid relying on software automation for your promotion. Some Members have lost their Facebook account, or Twitter account or Blog for abusing those services with automated software. Don’t take shortcuts, it will catch up to you eventually.

Other Recommended Sources Referenced in this training session

FireFox: We recommend FireFox as your browser of choice.
Screen capture tool: TechSmith
JitBit – multiple clip board tool
Wordpress pages – Widget for integrating landing pages.


The recording of the training session can be viewed

Next LIVE training session with George Kosch is Friday Feb 13th at 8 AM CT.

A few Comments from today’s participants – thank you to everyone who attended.

Ellen: Thanks – great session
Collette: thank you for this great session
Hen: thanks George
Michel: Thanks George!
Wallace: Well Done George, Carry On
Jane: Good info thanks George
Garry: TY George another great session
Rosalie: Thanks George.
Garrett: good stuff
George: That was fun training today, that’s for sure.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

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