Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Recap of Training — PLUS NEW LEADS just loaded. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Looking for advertising options – here are FREE sources and also Quality Paid Sources.
Take your pick, or do BOTH for best results.

1. The free advertising resources are located in the ADVERTISING / TRAFFIC section of your member area.
Look through the links and you will see there are lots and lots of free advertising options.

2. For recommended paid advertising options here are some suggestions:
Watch this video by George Kosch for his suggestions.

We offer an Advertising Co-op called FAST TRACK
Details are in your member area on LEFT MENU select ADVETISING/TRAFFIC then click on FASTTRACK.
The cost is low, George Kosch personally hand-submits the ads at paid trusted sites and distributes the leads (Associates) to those in the co-op.

NEW Exclusive LEADS JUST LOADED at 8:30 AM JAN 23!
We offer a limited supply of leads. These are people who have completed an online form within the last 3 days saying they would like to learn about a home business opportunity. We buy these leads from a trusted vendor and we load them daily to the Member area. When leads are available a number will appear on the LEFT MENU. Order early and often to avoid missing out on the leads the moment they are loaded each day. The cost is low and the quality is high as determined by the feedback from our buyers. Use these leads as prospects for ANY of your affiliate programs and of course also for Worldprofit membership sales.

Recap of LIVE TRAINING with George Kosch Friday Jan 23rd.
What you missed and the link to access recorded version.

George Kosch offered a HEARTY THANK YOU to our Monitors for filling time gaps, committing, and closing sales for members of our community.
Our Monitors are Worldprofit Celebrities, giving of their own time, to learn, while helping others.

George offered a brief overview and discussion of Worldprofit’s earn at home training program, specifically:

-The online Bootcamp Lessons (where to find them and why you need to do them)
-How to access the 500+ Landing Pages (use to promote any of your affiliates)
-How to access the unlimited Advertising Resources you can use to promote ANY and ALL your online programs
-What is the FIRST thing you should do as a new Member?
-Why you must understand the basics of promotion and why this skill is critical to your success in ours and in ANY program
-List Building – why this is so important for the growth of your business
-Ad Tracker System – why it’s so important for tracking your promotion efforts
-20 years of services development at your fingertips in your Worldprofit Member area.

Demonstrations by George Kosch of member requested topics, or noted special services.

Demonstration of DOING a promotion
Magic Site Grabber (Included in your Membership)
Ebook Creator and Rebrander (Included in your Membership)
Adding Ebooks as Giveaways on your landing pages (Included in your Membership)
How to add Music to your Landing Page
Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder (Included in your Membership)
How to get 90 days free at

Question and Answers throughout the program

Sites / Resources referenced in training

Worldprofit’s Facebook Group – all invited to join.

Thank you to each of you who attended the training today, to ask questions, making the time to learn, and taking personal responsiblilty for building your online business.


Next LIVE training session is Friday Jan 30, 2015.

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