Awesome testimonial just in from Richard ONeill. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

You see I can work at home in my T Shirt and not be hounded by THE Boss to wear a suit or appropriate clothes to conduct business. I am sorry BOSS, but here is my apply to you, BLAB. So far its been a pleasure to work with my sponsor Linda and my teacher George. Haven’t had much to do with the Doctor, but I am sure he is charting the flow and the consistence way I have approached the business. Now for a little about me! Born 1940, or earlier, why do I say that, well Grandma believed the time of inception is the true date of your birth, well the time I arrived in the open air was and is May 1940, so to allay any further discussions about when how and why, I am loving the date of May 26 1940, now age 74 and I don’t feel like 74 as well as people telling me I look like 52 or so, well thank you folks who care. I don’t know how to feel 74 but I am moving into another mentioned of living, by joining this Worldprofit Organization for less than a month. I have enjoyed the learning, and people say to me, "but it’s hard to do", what are you telling me is that you are lazy with no gumption to take the bull by the horn and do something about your life. Do you find that to be true in most folks, they want the program but they want you to do the work and they will sit home watching television or something like that. Well, I say to them "Kiss me where the sun don’t shine" you are lazy and will never get ahead. O so why didn’t you get a commission this month, easy my friend fill out any application in life and you see it takes time for the main offices to gather your information and apply it to the necessary pages, just so what you came to do and you will see the pay pal or checks come into your home each month, or your bank account. I can tell you since I started with Worldprofit, my other web sites have been seeing a lot of activity, in fact last night at 12AM I received a call from 3v to tell me that 15 people have signed up for computer repairs, 10 for Pay day lo0ans, 12 of lawyers help, 56 for Adult Friends, and 37 for our masters house ministry, as well as all 18 web sites installed with Worldwide are having quite a successful intake. and you want to sit there and tell me it doesn’t work shame on you for not committing yourself to interacting with World Profit. and gaining incite to a new experience.I AM COMMITTED MY FRIENDS, AND i ASSUME TO BE UNTIL THE DAY i LEAVE TOWN, THEN MY WIFE WILL TAKE OVER, BECAUSE i AM CONVENIENCE THAT Worldprofit will be helping her stay in business. She also is learning the business from George and me and Linda. She should be efficient in prospecting and getting the information she needs to add more clients. (this artical will continue at another date, stay tuned and success with your new business). Your Friend and aswsociate. Rev. Richard W ONeill,Sr.

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