Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: It’s PAY DAY! Congratulations to…

Commissions are out for sales made in October! We send these out PRONTO on the 15th.

Some of you received your FIRST commission payment today ! AWESOME!
A few of you have told us this is the ONLY commission you have EVER received from ANY company. You told us you tried other companies unsuccessfully before you found Worldprofit. We love hearing that our training is helping you earn extra money for your family. Hooray! Keep up the hard work!

Other Members received sweet bonuses for New Sales Volume. That’s extra cash added to your monthly payout. NICE!

We wish to recognize the following Members who achieved Personal Sales BESTS!
You are on the right track to earning bigger commission payouts every month.
You are applying what you are learning. You see the value of list building and promotion. Your time, effort and patience is now yielding results.

Lisa Martiniuk
Anthony Slate
Pam Sudo
Leo Laurent

Several of our fine Monitors received CASH bonuses for sales made for our Members.
THANK YOU Monitors for your commitment of time to learning and helping! Well done!

Vaurn James
Rev. Annette Lacey
Wallace Johnson
Linda Elze
Tania Vick
Lisa Martinuk
Howard Martel
Lance Sumner
William Buck
Sharon Oshatz
Stan Davis
Johan Willems
Graham Commander
Patrice Porter
Michael Harris
Pam Sudo
Mark Walen
Anthony Slate
James Stevens
Judy Daus
Eugene Campbell
Christopher Ninnis
Michael Haddad
Sharon Sommerville

When you see these people or ANY of our outstanding Monitors on screen, understand that these fine folks are giving of their time to learn about online marketing and the sales process all the while helping to close sales for ALL members of our community. Send them a THANK YOU and consider becoming a Monitor yourself, it is the best way to learn and the joy of helping others while helping yourself is like none other. Worldprofit’s Monitor program is UNHEARD of anywhere else. People helping people to improve their financial situation today, right now! It’ s all in the spirit of Worldprofit’s home business community. Join our Monitor Team by contacting Dr. Lant.

Congratulations to our Top Ten Sellers for October 2014

1. Linda Elze
2. Wallace Johnson
3. Howard Martell
4. Anthony Slate
5. Cottrell B. White
6. Leo Laurent
7. Lisa Martiniuk
8. Nick Verna
9. Pam Sudo
10. William Buck

If you did not make sales this month. Here’s what to do..

1. Following the bootcamp online training lessons. Go at your own pace but DO the tasks for each lesson to progress and learn.

2. Attend the WEEKLY LIVE training on Friday mornings with George Kosch, or watched the recorded version.
–>>The recording of the NOV 14 training session can be viewed here:

3. Promote consistently. Where, what and how often are you promoting?
Those who get sales use the landing pages we provide and consistently promote those to generate leads and sales.
The bootcamp training teaches you exactly what to do. George Kosch is your coach.

4. Ask for help. If you need help submit a SUPPORT FORM. On the TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.
We are here 7 days a week and are here and HAPPY to help you.

We provide the tools and resources. Take responsibility for yourself. Do the work, get the results.

Recognition of Loyal Long Term Worldprofit Members

A special heartfelt appreciation message goes out to the following people as they celebrate milestones with Worldprofit this month. We appreciate your loyalty, and your belief for what we do here to support your online business growth. Each of you began your business like everyone else fresh-eyed on Day 1, starting on Lesson 1. You started with little knowledge about online marketing, but a whole lot of determination and a never-quit attitude. Thank you for trusting Worldprofit to be your training company and partner in success year after year.

Ellen Feldman: Platinum VIP Member since 1996.
Helen Lay. Platinum VIP Member since 1998
Fauzi Omar: Silver Member since 1998
Shirley Jefferson: Platinum VIP Member since 2001
Vaurn James: Platinum VIP Member since 2003
John Camacho: Platinum VIP Member since 2007
Barbara Thuer: Platinum VIP Member since 2008
Tania Vick: Platinum VIP Member since 2008
Joseph Freyaldenhoven: Platinum VIP Member since 2008

Dr. Lant, Sandi Hunter and George Kosch wish to acknowledge and THANK all of our Members for their ongoing support for the services we offer.

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