Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Congratulations to our Newest PLATINUM VIP Member!

Congratulations to our Newest PLATINUM VIP Member!

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Marilyn Martyn

Welcome aboard Marilyn. We love your enthusiam and appreciate your kind words about the level of training we offer here at Worldprofit.

After a short time as a Silver member, Marilyn decided she was fully committed to building her successful online business with the help of our training.
Putting that commitment into action she decided to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership.

Marilyn, you and all Platinum VIP Members enjoy the following….

Platinum VIP Members earn higher commissions! When you upgrade, from that point on you qualify for 30% on sales of Silver and Platinum Membership sales. Plus the standard 5% bonus for sales that your dealers bring in. You still qualify for all the other commissions as well, including the Bonus Program where you can earn up to $1000 in commission bonuses! Details on this are in your Member area under left menu -> Sales and Commission.

Platinum VIP Members get a number of valuable software tools not included in the Silver Membership.

Specifically you get:

-The Instant Video Recording Studio (make unlimited videos)
-The Instant Meeting Center (host meetings on your site for individuals or small groups of people)
-The Instant Seminar System (host meetings on your site complete with slide shows for small groups)
-The Instant Audio Recording Studio (record audio messages that can be sent by email or added to your site)
-Live Face Chat to add to any page on your site for instant personal interaction with your site visitors.
-The Personal Live Business Center so you can host YOUR OWN Live Business Center.

-The Advanced Graphics Software Suite
George Kosch purchased the rights to a Graphics Software Suite that is installed on all Platinum VIP Members. This software is super-easy to use and allows you to quickly create Image Covers for your Facebook Profiles, groups etc. PLUS you can create beautiful banners, headers, video overlays, graphics for your YouTube Channels, and for Google hangouts. If you were to purchase this software on your own you would pay $197 per program – per year! We are including ALL 3 programs at no extra cost exclusively to our Platinum VIP Members. That’s $600 of value – you don’t pay a dime extra.

– The UNLIMITED USE Autoresponder System for building and sending automated and pre-sequenced messages. The Autoresponder ALSO already includes 12 turn key businesses you can promote for 100% commissions With the Platinum VIP Membership you have even MORE money-makers you can promote with the click of a button! Platinum VIP Members get the upgraded version of the Autoresponder System FREE!
***The Autoresponder purchased on it’s own is $499.95 – you get the entire system FREE when you upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership.

-Platinum VIP Members get the PLR Store at no cost. Purchased on it’s own this e-commerce enabled loaded with over 215 products retails at $199.95 US/year. Upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership and it’s yours free. We do all the installation. It’s quick and easy and you have that many more ways to earn income from your site.

And don’t forget you also get your own AMAZON Storefront, Ebay Storefront and the Magic Site Grabber (George Kosch’s latest gizmo)

3) Platinum VIP Members enjoy a Monthly TRAFFIC Injection! Use this traffic for ANY WEBSITE you want to promote!
Specifically you get:
-5,000 Visitors, 5000 banner views, 5,000 text ad views at
-20,000 ad credits at
-20,000 Ad credits at
-20,000 ad credits, 2 SOLO ADS at Ultimate
-20,000 ad credits, 2 SOLO ADS at

In a nutshell there are 3 good reasons to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership

– you can make more money with higher commissions and more income streams
– you get more tools and traffic to help you make more money
– and you save money when you upgrade by taking advantage of special VIP Member pricing and the free inclusions

If you’re interested in upgrading your Silver Membership to Platinum VIP Membership to enjoy these powerful extra benefits, just submit a Support form.

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