Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch 14 Nov 2014

George Kosch kicked off this week’s LIVE training with a hearty welcome to all new Members!

George explained that what you are promoting doesn’t matter – what matters is that you have a proven system, training and support to help you market it! The biggest mistake we see new marketers and seasoned marketers make is relying on a single product and single approach to marketing. They fall victim to the hype "this product is so hot it sells itself".

What we teach you at Worldprofit in the training, the resources and support included in your Silver Membership helps you promote ANY online business short and long term. Our model is a multiple streams of income approach to earning consistently from home using proven tested methods.

Our focus is on teaching you proven marketing strategies that we have developed over the last 20 years. We include and teach you how to use a number of proprietary software programs to help you with lead generation, traffic and sales.

Apply what we teach you and use the resources included to market any and all your own affiliate programs. Or earn commissions on the numerous services we offer for resale at Worldprofit.

George then spent considerable digging into what Members need to do to get started right now.

New Services just released

We’ve been working hard for our Members to keep your membership packed with valuable unique tools you can use to make money online and won’t find anywhere else. We want to make sure you can’t even think about giving up all that get in one place here at Worldprofit. No need to buy services elsewhere, what you need is all here at Worldprofit.

George demonstrated the following new services FREE for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

1. Worldprofit Video Locker
2. Worldprofit App
3. Amazon Store Front


List Building.
Monetizing your list.
Long term thinking about your business versus short term nearsightedness.
Platinum VIP Membership Special Upgrade Offer on now (get higher commissions, more software, traffic and our video suite of products)

George answered questions throughout the training. Demonstration requests are always welcomed.

Thank you to each of you for attending the training today.
You’ve taken an important step to getting on track for building your own successful online business. We’re here to help you all the way.

The recording of the training session will be posted to your Member area in the next 24 hours to the TRAINING Section (top menu)

Next LIVE training session with George Kosch, your personal bootcamp instruction is Friday Nov 21, 2014.

A few comments from participants.

William: Thank to all Sandi George and Dr Lant give us.
Linda: thank you George…awesome as usual
Iphota: George thank you all the tools
Sandi: Can you tell we are passionate that what we offer works. LOL
Sharon: We have it all!
Rosalie: Thanks George.
Jane: I love this
Garry: TY George and Sandi and Dr. Lant
Blaine: Thank you as always George!
andrew: how can we see more than 4 weeks of previous training sessions
andrew: i need to see more of what you teach great stuff great information
Iphota: George thank you Sandi and DR. Jeffrey Lant
Sharon: All in boot camp training video Andrew. you will love it
andrew: how can i find Sandi Hunter’s book do i go to amazon?
Randy: Andrew you can find it in your goodie bag

George Kosch is Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Instructor and cofounder.

If you are reading this and NOT yet a member of Worldprofit, join over 2 million people who are! You are missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home! Worldprofit is the #1 popular choice for online home business training, now in our 20th year of business! Get your free Worldprofit Associate Membership today. No hype – just help – that’s what you’ll get from George Kosch and our home business experts at Worldprofit.

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