Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Are you kidding?!

Question: So are you telling me all I have to do is refer Associates? When they land in the LIVE Business Center they are made an offer by the Monitor and when they upgrade to a paid Silver membership, I get the commission?

Answer: That’s correct. The more Associates you refer the greater your sales potential. Consistent promotion is the key to earning. You have ad resources, landing pages, recommended advertising sources, ad tracking and more – all in your Member area. The Bootcamp training by George Kosch teaches you what to do. Our Worldprofit Monitors are unique, trained sales closers. When someone you refer comes into the Live Business Center, they are encouraged to watch our video presentation, then they are given a spectacular offer to upgrade to Silver Membership. Some will jump on that offer and are then welcomed into our Home Business Community as a new Silver Member. When anyone you refer upgrades YOU get the commission. PLUS – your member area includes lots of other money making programs too! You can promote the products in the Money Makers Kit, the Fast Cash products, the 20+ income streams and so much more to earn MULTIPLE streams of income. OR – use our traffic and promotion tools to promote YOUR OWN BUSINESS opportunities or affiliate programs. All of this is covered in the bootcamp training. If you haven’t started yet do so now then plan on attending the LIVE training offered by George Kosch EVERY Friday morning. Bring your questions, get demos and get on the right track for earning consistent income. If you can’t attend the LIVE sessions watch the recorded version. The people that follow the training and promote consistently MAKE money, it’s that simple.

Our Worldprofit Monitors are standing by right now – waiting to make an offer to your referrals and close your sales !

What are you waiting for? Start promoting!

The following Monitors have earned CASH bonuses for closing sales for Members of our Home Business Community in the month of September.

Anthony Slate
Judy Daus
Lisa Martiniuk
Linda Elze
William Buck
Tania Vick
Johan Willems
Wallace Johnson
Garry Smith
Lance Sumner
Pam Sudo
Sharon Oshatz
James Stevens
Chris Ninnis
Mark Walen
Rev Annette Lacey
Graham Commander
Sharon Oshatz
Michael Harris
Patrice Porter
Howard Martell

September is Monitor Appreciation Month!

Our Monitors are tremendous!
You are committing your own valuable time to volunteer as a Monitor.
You are learning about online marketing while growing your own business.
You are closing SALES referrals for other members of the community.

We’ve noticed your commitment. We appreciate your commitment!

For the ENTIRE month of September, ON TOP of the perks you already receive, Monitors who close sales during their shift earn a cash bonus commission per sale.

The bonus commission will be ADDED to your monthly earned commission our system is tracking the sales.

Reminder! It is VERY important that you continue to do as you have been doing by booking your time slots and taking over the shift when you start.
IMPORTANT! If you don’t do this, you won’t get credit for sales you make.

—> If you aren’t a Monitor yet, consider becoming one. It’s the best way to learn!

Contact Dr. Lant at drjlant
Or when you see him in the LIVE BUSINESS CENTER tell him you are interested in becoming a Monitor and he will send you instructions. Training is included.

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