Awesome testimonial just in from Michael Harris. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

The Caliber of People In Our Community The quality our the people in the Worldprofit Community is amazing. They always impress me in some way, for, or fashion, and it is always an eye opening thing that they just do, because it needss to be done. This morning when I came in to monitor on my shift, the monitor before me had not showed up for whatever reason. But one of our dealers was acting as a monitor but answering customers through the chat window and directing them to where they needed to be. No video, no mic, just the shear desire to keep the LBC operating and directing new members to where they needed to be. He said, I just hate to see the center empty, I did what I could. And this is why I continue to Stay a member of Worldprofit. The quality and concern of our members for the overall success of our community is Second to None. Thanks Rawle Trim for doing whatever you could to help. It rally inspired me to try and do more. I just felt this needed to be shared. WOW the people we have here are Fantastic! Michael Harris

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