Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: George Kosch just did this 5 minutes ago.

We hear from lots of you who are smartly looking for trusted and new places to advertise – for any and ALL your online biz ops and affiliates.

We’ve got one for you!

It’s call Udimi Solo Advertising services.

George Kosch has just posted a direct link for you in your member area.

On TOP MENU click on COOL TOOLS, there you will see Udimi listed as well as a number of others that we recommend.

You can use free promotion or low cost ads for your online marketing but whatever you do – PROMOTE!

The key to sales is consistent promotion from trusted sources.
The more you promote the more your earnings potential.

–> George Kosch continues to add NEW and UPDATED videos to a number of the Bootcamp Lessons and sections of your Member area.
If you find a video link that no longer works please report it through the Support form as we may have missed a few.
Thank you for your patience.

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