Review: George Kosch’s LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training presented March 28, 2014

George Kosch welcomed all participants to the LIVE interactive training program

Members are encouraged to join Worldprofit’s Facebook Group

Members who have just joined Worldprofit should start the HOME BUSINESS Bootcamp Training.
If you don’t learn the basics by following the training you won’t make money online.
We teach you exactly what to do in our online training program and each week we compliment the online lessons with LIVE training.

Previous recordings of George Kosch’s bootcamp training is posted to and can be searched by topic or key word.

If you are going through the Safelists in the 20+ Income Streams and run into a problem or login issue with any of them, just skip that one. Move on. The suggestions we provide are just a small sampling of Safelists, there are HUNDREDS of them, use your own favourites if you like or take the recomendations of other active Members who post their favourites to Worldprofit’s Facebook group.

Preliminary set up suggestions for new Members.

Watch the two videos for Beginners.
Start the Bootcamp Training. Start at Lesson 1 and do each task to proceed to the next lessson.
Get a pad of paper, write down your passwords, important information.
Get set up with your Gmail accounts as per the training.

Daily Checklist

Organize yourself. We offer a Reminder system you can use (it’s included in your Membership)
Promotion. Don’t limit yourself to our recommendations but if you use your own sources make sure they are legitimate.

Discussion: Factors effecting conversion rates what you need to consider.

Types of Promotion
Quality of leads depends on the source and your budget.
Paid advertising at reputable sources get better results than free ads.

Advanced Daily Check List
– Do your List Building
– Do a brief video (or screen capture) of something you are doing to build your business.
– Post your video to YouTube (use the Lazy Blogger that we provide) and tie this into your Facebook
– Post your video to various groups (that allow you to post) and include some copy about free sign, video descripion etc.
– If you don’t have a Worldprofit hosted Video Blog coniser getting one, it’s just a one time set up fee.

Video Marketing is a terrific way to generate leads and is more effective than article marketing. You can do both of course as any and all promotion is beneficial over time.

Weekly Plan

Set goal for number of Associates to bring in.
Commit to daily consistent promotion.
If your budget permits, book paid ads. If your budget is limited just do the free promotions for now.

Discussion: Reality Check

Questioning the claims, the people who say they are making 10’s of thousands of dollars a month… food for thought.
Analyzing the numbers intelligently and filtering the hype.
Treat your online business seriousley, with respect as an actual business, NOT a business opportunity.
The difference is the amount of work and time invested which of course then effects how much you earn.

Demonstration Segment of the Training

How to use the Instant Sales Pages – optional (bypass the Live Business Center)
How Members can sell Super Solo Advertising Packages
Google Hangouts: How to set one up. We have a landing page in the Landing page builder that is specifically for Google Hangouts.

Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training. The recorded version will be posted within 24 hours to your member aea in the TRAINIGN Section located on TOP menu.

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