Congratulations to Worldprofit Members working hard to build your online home business

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We just pressed SEND on the Commissions payout!

Many of you are already on track for making 2014 your best year yet for online earnings!

Way to go!

Congratulations to everyone who made sales in December.

-Some of you are receiving your very first commission payout this month!

-Some of you told us you have never made a dime online and Worldprofit is the first company to actually pay you for online sales!

Some of you received a BONUS this month for new volume sales! Well done! Yes, in case you don’t know… Worldprofit pays bonuses up to $1,000 for achieving new sales volume. Details are in the Commission section of your Worldprofit Member area.

Some of you achieved a personal best this month and are receiving your biggest commission check so far! You are on the right track to increasing your monthly income, stay focused, keep up the hard work and consistent promotion – it’s paying off for you!

-Some of you made your own offers using the resources included in your member area, to generate sales for your OTHER online businesses, outside of Worldprofit so you could generate MULTIPLE streams of income – just like we teach you in the training. Now you are really getting it! You are understanding that OFFERS are what generates leads, increases your sales, and GROWS your email marketing list.

Some of you didn’t even have to pay your membership fee this month, your commissions easily covered this! Did you know you can request commissions be applied to your monthly membership cost? Just make a request through our support System, 48 hours prior to your payment due date.

-A few of you sent in Support tickets telling us how you sent an offer out to your email marketing list and IMMEDIATELY GENERATED SALES! It looks like some of you have been really paying attention in the training when George says, you MUST BUILD YOUR list to INCREASE your earnings.

Some of you upgraded from Silver Membership to Platinum VIP membership to BOOST UP your commission rate – very wise business decision. Sounds like you are taking your online business seriously and making a commitment to yourself to really make this work. If you upgraded you will see your commission increase on this commission payout! Enjoy your extra earnings!

Now, if you didn’t make sales this month, don’t fret!

Help is here.

Everyone starts at Lesson 1 in the training. Progress at your own pace, follow the training. Do what we teach you to do, and YOU can earn from home by following our training program.

The only secret to making sales is that you must do your promotion – consistently! We teach you how and provide the tools in the Worldprofit Home business bootcamp training.

Every single person who made sales, did one thing with 100% certainty. They promoted!

1. Follow the lesson plans in your Worldprofit Member area – don’t just read and skip ahead – DO what the lesson says to do.

2. Plan on attending the LIVE home business bootcamp training offered EVERY FRIDAY so you can get demonstrations, instant answers and enjoy real world training from George Kosch. He’s a marketing expert and your mentor to put you on track for online income. For the past 20 years he’s been helping people all over the world learn how to profit form home using proven strategies. Commit yourself to the training and see that YOU TOO can earn online!

3. If you can’t attend the LIVE training watch the recorded versions that are posted in the training section.

4. If you need help, submit a Support Request form, Worldprofit’s Support and help team is available 7 days a week.

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