Are you ready?

You’ve been watching us!

Is this going to be the year that you take charge of your financial situation and actually learn how to make money online?

Stop wasting money and time and actually learn exactly what you need to make money consistently from trusted online sources?

The following are the services we released to Worldprofit Silver Members this past year.

You missed out on ALL OF THIS – but it’s not too late, upgrade now and make 2014 your best year yet!

Here’s a PARTIAL list of services Worldprofit Silver Members enjoyed – and you can too.

The Landing Page Builder
Allows you to EASILY create with ONE click, beautiful eye-popping professional landing pages for ANY and ALL your business opportunities.
Included in your Worldprofit Membership at no extra cost.

LAZY Blogger System
Allows you to post with ONE click to MULTIPLE Blogs, huge time saver and HUGE help for attracting search engines and increasing your site ranking naturally just the way Google likes it done, NO artificial fakery. We even provide content.

Reminder System and Task System
Got a poor memory? Help is here with the Reminder System. Use it to create reminders that you can email to yourself, checklists and more.
Included in your Membership at no extra cost.

Ad Tracker
Members have long enjoyed the Ad Tracker at no extra cost.
Basic Ad Tracker included in your Membership at no extra cost.

SEO Optimizer Pro
Submit your site(s) to over 700,000 sites.
Free trial.

Lead Funnel
The Lead Funnel is a lead generation system and a sales system all in one and EXCLUSIVE to Worldprofit Members.
Included in your Membership at no extra cost.

Link Manager
The Link Manager is designed to help you keep important links organized under categories of your choice. These links can be social bookmarketing sites, search sites, tools or anything you like.
Included in your Membership at no extra cost.

Offer Builder (give away up to $10,000 in free advertising)
You’ve got something to sell right? Offers are what closes deals! The problem is what to offer. Problem solved with Worldprofit’s Offer Builder. You can create enticing offers and take advantage of our TRAFFIC powerhouses to make deals people can’t refuse!
Included in your Membership at no extra cost.

Traffic Multiplier
Allows you to say "Click my link and I will give you 100 Visitor Credits" a sure fire way to get traffic at no cost to you! Included in your Membership at no extra cost.

Blog Platform integrated to Silver and Platinum VIP Membership
Allows you to quickly add a blog within your Silver or Platinum website with one click.
Included in your Membership at no extra cost.

Money Maker Kit
Over the last year we continued to add hand-selected quality products to the Money Makers Kit. Currently there are over 50 products along with promotional materials so you can press send to earn commission in range of 50 – 100%. Included in your Membership at no extra cost.

Prebuilt blogs
No time to create a blog? We’ve got some prebuilt blogs that will save you money, time and get you up and running fast. This is an OPTIONAL service at exclusive Member only pricing.

PLR Store (new products added)
Members can download 224 products at NO COST. Helpful, valuable products to help you market and build your online business. All members can download the PLR products for personal use, Platinum VIP Members also get the PLR Store for selling products with 100% commission.

Worldprofit Social and free Member Blog.
Members can set up a Social Profile and Member blog at no cost.

Autoresponder Sequences
Need follow up messages? We got that covered for you. Sequence Autoresponse Sequences
Included in your Silver or Platinum Membership at no extra cost.

New Landing Pages
We created new Landing pages for member use as well as the tracking for hits to those landing pages.
Included at no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members

FastCash Money Maker program
We have 18 fully functional turn-key money making sites you can start promoting NOW to earn today.
Included at no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

Worldprofit Marketplace
Our members are often promoting many different programs, promote them ALL in our marketplace with potential exposure of over 1 million members. Included at no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

Promo Bots
Know you need to promote but don’t have the time? Promo-bots to the rescue. Speeds up your promotion time with imacros.
Included at no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

Graphix Software
Members can easily create professional graphics for all your marketing and promotion needs with NO tech expertise.
Included at no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

Video Blogs Video is like candy to Google.
The more videos you can create for your products and services the better for your search engine ranking.
Optional service with minimal charge for labour and installation.

Home Business Bootcamp online lessons
We have added and updated the online bootcamp lessons, so Members now have 85 lessons to learn at your own pace about online marketing and how to make the best use of all the software, tools and resources included in your membership. We’ve also made it so you can print out the lessons or save as PDF. SUMMARY.
Included at no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members

Advertising Recommendations
We brought on new trusted advertising partners, and new sites, and exchanges for promotion codes, ad credits are more. No matter what you are promoting we have traffic and promotion for you – come get it!

LIVE interactive Home Business Bootcamp training sessions by marketing expert George Kosch Every Friday for 51 weeks this past year George presented his trademarked, down to earth style of training complete with demonstrations, questions and answer sessions. That’s over 100 hours of specialized training exclusive to our Worldprofit Members. Included at no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members

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