Home Business Bootcamp Training Jan 31, 2014 with Instructor George Kosch. Presented by Worldprofit Inc.

George started the training with an actual technical support ticket from a Silver Member asking for help. She stated what kind of promotion she was doing and was asking why she wasn’t getting the results expected. He then went through a demonstration for the benefit of ALL members, showing exactly why this person is not seeing results and provided a comparison to what does work.

George offered an example from when he was a Jet Pilot Instructor in the Canadian Armed Forces. "The students that failed every time are the ones that simply could not accept error. If you don’t accept error and effect change, you can’t move forward."

Think about this in terms of your online business. If you’re not getting results, accept that you have done something wrong. If you’re not generating Associate sign ups (leads) every day then you are doing something incorrect. The training teaches you how, and provides the resources to do so. If you THINK you are applying the training and aren’t getting results go back and see where you have gone wrong. Accept your error so you can correct.

Here’s help to get out of the NO-RESULTS slump.

1. Watch the 2 Videos for Beginners (watch them again if you have already watched them. Something has not sunk in).

2. Write down where you are posting the ad examples. (not your website, the landing pages)

3. Check your Ad Tracker for your results. After reviewing the training think about where you have gone off track.

Diagram: For the benefit of new Members, George presented a bubble chart overview of Worldprofit’s Home Business Training and how all the resources, and elements link together to help you build your online business.

In our 20 years of training people how to build an online business online, we noticed that new members tend to follow one of two paths.

Path 1. They fiddle with their site, they skip the videos for beginners and race forward in the training. They blog articles and keep busy with this and that but they never do the PROMOTION! They go hard for a few days, don’t see instant results then take 2 weeks off moving on to the next thing. Without consistent promotion in the right places you don’t generate leads, and you don’t build your list. No leads, no list means NO money. If you ask them how many Associates they have signed up they either don’t have an answer or the answer is NONE or very few.

Path 2. They follow the steps of the bootcamp, take their time, digest the material, and take notes. They learn how to use the ad examples and promote them to the Safelists and Exchanges. They understand that the only way to make money online – no matter what you are selling is by directly promoting to continually generate leads and build your email marketing list. If you ask them how may Associates they have they instantly have an answer. Ask them what a list is and why it’s important and they know that too. If they make a mistake they don’t give up they try again or make changes as required. These are the people who will grow their successful online business. They are realistic in attitude knowing that results don’t come over night. It takes time to learn the material, then consistent ongoing effort to apply the skills, then add in some patience and belief in yourself.

Which path are you going to take?

Topic: Facebook Marketing

George spent some time talking about Facebook marketing with suggestions for how to maximize your Facebook account and connections.

-Branding yourself

-Importance of tying your Aweber or Get Response into your Facebook account

-Why you should add your YouTube Video Channel Creating Groups

-Importance of joining key groups and connecting with the right people


George then offered a teaser and revealed how he made $100 from just a few promos. He shares what he did so you can too!


George Kosch wrapped things up with a sneak peak at a new service he is working on exclusively for Worldprofit members. It’s a system that will allow Members to save enormous amounts of time with more efficient credit earnings when using Safelists.

In concluding George THANKED the Monitors for committing their time to our Home Business Community and offered CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on the Top Sellers list. January is a tough month for sales, but you are working hard and seeing results.

The recording of the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch will be posted within 24 hours to your Worldprofit Member area in the TRAINING section.

Next LIVE home business Bootcamp is Friday Feb 7th, 2014.

3 absolute MUSTS for new marketers in Worldprofit’s earn at home training program.

Worldprofit offers an earn at home training program that includes LIVE interactive weekly training supplemented with a series of online training lessons. Put simply, we teach you how to market online step-by-step and earn commission when sales are made.

Internet marketing is new to most people. So that you understand how to market ANY product online it’s important that you understand the basics of promotion. Worldprofit’s training teaches you actual tested, proven and effctive methods to market online. We provide you the services to sell including ads for posting, places to advertise, and software to evaluate the results of your advertising.

Worldprofit offers a "multiple streams of income" model meaning that you can earn commission from a number of sources and vendors, not just Worldprofit. To make it easier for newbies, we have simplified the basic training so Members can graduate from the basic bootcamp training by making a least ONE SALE of a Silver Membership. Once you have graduated from Worldprofit’s Bootcamp basic training you can progress into the advanced training with more complex marketing concepts, and apply the skills acquired to market any online business, product, or affiliate program. The skills you learn in the training and the software and traffic we provide can be used to PROMOTE any online business, or affiliate program.

Think of it like riding a bike. We teach you to ride one bike, then you can apply the cycling skills you’ve acquired to master cycling on ANY kind of bike.

Your Worldprofit member area is packed with tools, software and resources to help you build your own successful online business. If you don’t follow our training though, you won’t know how to use those resources to your maximum benefit.

The following guidelines are to keep you on the right track to understand both WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it. Sometimes when we learn a new skill we don’t immediately see how a simple step can lead to the desired goal. Being adults learners we like to look for short cuts to save time. Having been in this business, over 20 years now we like to think we know a thing or two about online marketing that newbies don’t know. We’ve packaged our expertise and experience into Worldprofit’s popular Home Business Bootcamp. We urge you to follow the training lesson by lesson so you can understand why learning to be a profitable marketer requires understanding some very important basic concepts.

These are the 3 absolute MUSTS for new marketers in Worldprofit’s earn at home training program.

1. You must follow and stick to the Home Business Bootcamp Training lessons.

2. You must understand WHAT to promote, WHERE to promote and HOW to promote.

3. You must understand the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of consistent promotion to generate continuous leads (ASSOCIATES) while growing your email marketing list.

What to do next.

1. In your Member area you will find the Home Business Bootcamp Training program created over the last 20 years by marketing expert and cofounder of Worldprofit, George Kosch. When you login to your Member area, scroll down the page and there you will see the Bootcamp Training Lessons. There are TWO videos recorded especially for NEW MEMBERS, watch those. Really watch them. Don’t skip. Don’t daydream. Listen to what George Kosch is teaching you. It is essential that you master the most basic of the skills in order to move on.

2. Get a pad of paper or a spiral bound notebook and a pen.
Write down notes as you listen to those videos. When George provides instruction about joining Safelists and Exchanges, and you actually start doing this, WRITE DOWN the Safelists and Exchanges you join along with your User Name and Passwords. When you are first getting started just join at least ONE Safelist and ONE Traffic Exchange so you understand what they are and how they work.

3. When you are posting Ads to the Safelists and Exchanges, use the AD EXAMPLES (landing pages) we provide in your Member area. It doesn’t matter which one you use, just get started so you see how to promote landing pages.

Now, you may think the above is simple but now we share WHY you are doing this.

A. Leads are generated from LANDING PAGES and NOT from your website.
You should only promote LANDING PAGES to the Safelists and Exchanges. You MUST understand this. Your goal is to generate Associate sign ups, daily if you can. The reason you promote landing pages is because you will see a
HIGHER conversion of leads (Associates) into actual sales.

B. When you sign up leads (free Associate members) you are ALSO building your email marketing list.
Every successful marketer understands that you must have email marketing lists, the bigger the better, the more the greater profitability you will enjoy. The reason is because you then have access to a LIST of prospects who you can send offers. Offers produce sales! That’s money in your pocket. When you sign up Associates (leads) using the Landing Pages, you are building your own LIST of Associates. This is your first list! This is your first list of buyers!

PLUS, when you sign up Associates they also receive a newsletter from Worldprofit that we send on your behalf filled with offers and incentives to get them to login to their Member area to see what Worldprofit offers. Those who upgrade from a free Associate membership to a paid Silver Membership get FULL privileges and access to our training – and YOU earn a commission. As you become a more experienced marketer you learn from the more advanced training other ways to build your Associates list, and other kinds of email marketing lists too. When you have your own email marketing list you have a ONE CLICK method to make money. Send out an offer to your list and you generate sales! This is covered in more detail in the training, the purpose of telling you this now is only to help you understand the IMPORTANCE of list building.

Think of your email marketing list as a LIFE Insurance Policy for your business. In the course of your lifetime as a online marketer you may change programs, or opportunities over a dozen times or more. Successful marketer promote more than one program at any given time. Your businesses may change but your list STAYS with you. If you are no longer involved with Program XYX, your list is still there ready to receive your promotions when you move on the program ABC. If you stop promoting Widget123 and start promoting Widget5000, your list is still there!

As long as you have a list of prospects you have a list of potential BUYERS.
The bigger you grow your list over time the more potential buyers you have!

We talk to people every day who tell us they have been doing business online for years yet SHOCKINGLY many of those people didn’t know what a list was, or why they needed one until they started Worldprofit’s Bootcamp training. When they figure it out they are kicking themselves in the butt for not having started a list years ago. Every time they start a new program or opportunity they are starting over again from scratch without a lead, without a list of buyers. OUCH! That hurts in the wallet. Those who do have some understanding of what a list is don’t know what to promote, or don’t know how to find an email marketing service. That’s where Worldprofit comes in. Our training teaches you this stuff, fills in the missing pieces so your business is complete and sustainable for YEARS to come. We understand that an online business is ALIVE, you must feed it, keep it GROWING over time. We at Worldprofit, want to be the company that continues to provide you the cutting edge tools, and resources to keep YOUR business growing profitably for years to come.

We hope this helps you understand WHY we ask you to follow the steps of the bootcamp to learn and apply the skills. The small things we teach you lead you to a much bigger picture. These skills are the stepping stones for the foundation of your successful online business.

Ok, to recap.

Your GOAL is to PROMOTE the LANDING PAGES so you generate Associate sign ups and build your list.

Now, let’s talk about Worldprofit’s Live Business Center (LBC) and how that’s working for you.

This unique Worldprofit ONLY service operates 24 hours a day. The LBC is manned by a team of people called MONITORS who volunteer their time to help members of our community makes sales while they themselves learn about online marketing. No other company offers you this kind of sales closing assistance. Think about it. Your job is to PROMOTE and generate Associate sign ups. When people sign up to be a free Associate member from one of your landing pages they are AUTOMATICALLY directed to the Live Business Center. Then our LIVE Monitors greet those people and make them an offer to upgrade to Silver membership. If you remember, when you first joined Worldprofit you likely went through the same process. You found yourself in the LIVE BUSINESS CENTER, one of our Monitors or Dr. Lant made you an offer and you upgraded to Silver Membership! This system operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You refer people and we try and close your sales. Now not everyone will upgrade, that’s a fact. But some people will and when they do you earn a commission. That’s why it’s SO important that you work hard consistently to PROMOTE so you have a steady supply of Associates coming in to the LIVE BUSINESS Center. If you don’t refer anyone we have no one to close for you! We can’t covert nothing into something! The more people you refer by using the promotional tools we give you, the greater the conversion rate from free Associate members to paid Silver members. You only get paid when someone upgrades to Silver Membership so that is why you want GOOD quality leads! Our training teaches you how to get those good quality leads, real people, not computer-generated fake leads.

Now let’s talk about your advertising and evaluation of your promotions.

Not all advertising is equal. To help you out we have compiled a list of recommended Safelist and Exchanges for free or low cost advertising as well as some recommended paid sources for solo ads, login ads, and swaps. We also have an advertising co-op popular with our Members called FastTrack where we buy the advertising and send the leads to those Members in the co-op. It’s called FastTrack and details are in your Member area under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section.

We do not want you to get ripped off by buying fake leads, or buying mass lists, so please use the recommended sites noted above they are located in the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section. To also help you, we have provided an AD TRACKER tool and included it in your Membership. George talks about the Ad Tracker in the training. Post your ads then check your Ad Tracker to see what kind of results you are getting. George advises for those just getting started to set a goal for at least 200 clicks per day on your links. That’s a MINIMUM so if you have been at this a while set your goal for daily clicks higher than that. If you are not using the Ad Tracker to evaluate your promotion you are advertising in the dark.

Speaking of goals, let’s focus on your Associates.

We’ve talked about why Associate are so important. We’ve talked about list building. Let’s talk now about setting goals for how many Associates you have. Remember, the Associates you refer go on your ASSOCIATES list and in your Prospect Manager for easy follow up.

When you first start, set a goal of signing up ONE Associate a day. When you sign up an Associate and they login, you will KNOW as our system sends you an email. Now if that person does not upgrade to Silver Membership don’t despair. It’s a tough business, but YOU are determined, and YOU are going to keep promoting, keep signing up Associate members from those landing pages. Be assured that as long as YOU are promoting to get Associates signed up, we are waiting in the LIVE Business Center to make your referrals an offer. We want to earn their business just as we did yours. Don’t
you feel better just knowing that all you have to do is promote? You don’t have to close the sales, or make a sales pitch, or know everything about Worldprofit or marketing. All you have to do is promote those landing pages to generate Associate sign ups so our Monitors can make them a terrific offer to join our home business community as a Silver member.

Ok so let’s recap again. In learning ANY new skill, repetition leads to MASTERY.

Your goal is to use the recommended advertising resources, to promote the landing pages so you can generate Associate sign ups while building your list.

Good. I can see you are sticking with it because you are still reading this! That’s important. So many people who GIVE up on online marketing, calling it a scam, really just gave up on themselves. They didn’t take the time to learn the basics, apply the skills, commit to doing the work then allowing time to see results.

Now, we realize that when we learn a new skill it’s easy to get overwhelmed, get frustrated, get stuck. But we are here for you 7 days a week to help you. That’s right Worldprofit’s Support Team is here 7 days a week, the Monitors are in the Live Business Center 24 hours a day, and the online bootcamp training is self-paced and includes video tutorials. You are not alone as you learn this material we are here to help you every step of the way.

To help keep you focused, here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself every day – if you are really serious about building your online business and earning income from your effort.

1. How many ads have you run?

2. How many clicks are showing on your Ad Tracker?

3. How many Associates have you signed up today?

Write these down and post on your computer, on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, or on your dog’s forehead. Commit them to memory and post them as a visual aid to keep you on track EVERY day. If you don’t know where to find the ads, if you don’t know what an Ad Tracker is, if you don’t know what an Associate is and how to get more, go back to the bootcamp training. Watch the Video for Beginner’s again. These questions all related to the basics you must master.

This concludes Part 1. In Part 2 we will discuss how to use what you have just learned so you can promote your own affiliate programs, or any of the OTHER income sources in your Worldprofit Member area. Specifically the ClickBank Products, the Money Makers Products, and the FastCash program.

Worldprofit Dealer Spotlight: Interview with Leo Laurent, MCEC, Platinum VIP Member since 2012.

Leo, what attracted you initially to Worldprofit’s Home Business Community and earn at home training program?

Leo’s answer: What originally attracted me to join Worldprofit was the live business center. To be able to talk to a live person really did impress me. I then checked out Worldprofit and did see the A + rating with the Better Business Bureau. Then I proceeded to contact Linda Elze and ask her questions. I liked the fact that I could talk to a person. Her knowledge and confidence in Worldprofit convinced me that Worldprofit was the right Internet Marketing Program that I wanted to join.

Leo, Which of the tools, resources or training in your Worldprofit Membership do you find you use the most or find the most beneficial in building your business?

Leo’s answer: I use all the tools and resources that Worldprofit offers to us. I like using the magic list builder. My favorite is using the E-books as part of my promotion. The articles are also great for my blog postings.

Leo, What activities, habits, or actions do you do personally on a regular basis to grow your online business?

Leo’s Answer: It is so important to promote to your safelists every day. Consistency is very important. While I am promoting to my safelists in the morning I listen to the live business center. There is so much to learn when Dr. Lant is on. I like to multi task working while I listen. I have picked up so many tips by just listening to different monitors on duty as well as Dr. Lant. It passes the time and makes promoting enjoyable and fun.

Leo, can you share some details or information on what is helping you personally make sales?

Leo’s Answer: A combination of safelists, social networking, and paid solo ads have increased my sales. Promoting to all of them is important.

Leo, do you have any suggestions or advice to people new to this business, or not yet getting results?

Leo’s Answer: The suggestion I have for people that are new and not getting results are that they need to watch the bootcamp video over again. This is crucial to become successful. Take one step at a time and don’t get overwhelmed by everything you see that Worldprofit has to offer. Later you will appreciate it. I find that a lot of people join more than one program and are trying to promote both with no money and therefore get no results. You need to stick with one and promote that one steady everyday. Since Worldprofit has been in business for 20 years with an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau and has the most to offer for your money that is definitely my suggestion of who to promote. You need to also remember while promoting that you are the seller and not the buyer when people call you. If you stop and look they are probably trying to sell you something that you already have within the Worldprofit website 90 percent of the time.

Do you have any other comments?

Leo’s Answer: I would like to thank Linda Elze for being a great Sponsor. I have learned so much from her. She is a GREAT person to work with. I like to give my dealers the attention, help, and a little support to help them get started and show them that this does work. Worldprofit has been a true family to me. I would also like to thank George Kosch for his great Friday morning trainings, Sandi Hunter for her great support and help, and Dr. Lant for his great support and articles he gives to us to promote.

Leo Laurent, MCEC
Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member since 2012.

Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch 24 Jan 2014

Today, was a session typical of George Kosch’s training, brutal honesty about making money online and straight forward strategies for building a profitable online business.

Sorry folks there was no puffery and no hype in today’s training session and there never will be in any of George Kosch’s training. George spoke of the reality of building an online business and the importance of having realistic expectations.

First and foremost it’s hard word, it’s consistent effort.

If you are willing to accept that commitment, we will teach you at Worldprofit…

How to run your own professional online business. How to get you into the right programs for traffic How to build a list -(it’s the life time insurance policy for your business) We’ll teach you about the ethics of doing business online We’ll introduce you to Worldprofit’s home business community We will teach you step by step how to earn income at home and put in your hands the training, resources, software and more to help you earn commission from legitimate trusted sources.

New members are encouraged to stay on track by focusing ONLY on the bootcamp lessons. Follow the training, do what you are taught to do. While you are brand new don’t get distracted by all the other cool stuff in your member area, for now, just follow the lessons.

George demonstrated a new Worldprofit Service available now.

Super Solo Packages (Verifiable Advertising for any online business, product or service)

Product Focus. This week George offered detailed discussion and demonstration on two powerful but under-used products. If you are brand new to Worldprofit don’t worry about these products, you can use them when you are a little further along in your training.

Worldprofit’s Universal Bonus Builder. This is a sales closing asset. Some of you don’t even know it exists while others are making sale after sale using this tool. It’s INCLUDED in your Membership and allows you to offer ADVERTISING PACKAGES as incentives to get sales! Use it to build your list! Use it to close sales! Use it to help you build your business in any program! Access: In your Member area on LEFT MENU, select MONEY MAKERS then click on UNIVERSAL BONUS BUILDER

Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder It’s INCLUDED in your Membership and allows you to offer ADVERTISING PACKAGES as incentives to get sales! You don’t have to be a techie to use this, it’s super easy to use, really, it’s easy. Use it to build your list! Use it to generate leads! Leads are what you need to make sales! Use it to help you build your business in any program! Access: In your Member area on LEFT MENU, select MONEY MAKERS then click on LANDING PAGE BUILDER

George’s Rant. Oh boy, George had something to say today…..

George talked straight talk, telling people that "you’ve got to do the bootcamp training. Do what the training teaches you to do." It’s not enough to watch the videos or read the lessons. You have got to do what the lesson teaches you to, especially the early lessons. You must understand the basics and MASTER the basics, or you will not know how to promote, what to promote and you won’t build your list and you won’t make sales. There is a bigger picture that newbies don’t understand when you first start. Stick it out and you will eventually understand that mastering these skills is the foundation for your successful online future. The lessons are set to teach you the fundamentals, and as you learn and progress the training is more in depth and covers a wide variety of topics related to online marketing. Those who stick with the program will be the successful ones making consistent income. Those who don’t master the basics, will flounder in any and all online programs with no or very little success. We can say this because we’ve been in this industry for over 20 years now. We know what works, we know what doesn’t. We watch people make the same mistakes over and over again, we watch the people who apply what we teach start to make solid income. The bootcamp teaches you what to focus on so you don’t waste valuable time or money. Please, please, please DO the training. If you need help, just submit a Support form and our Support team will assist you.

George provided 3 questions you need to ask yourself every day – if you are really serious about building your online business and making decent income from your effort.

1. How many ads have you run?

2. How many clicks are showing on your Ad Tracker?

3. How many Associates have you signed up today?

Write these down and post on your computer, on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, or on your dog’s forehead. Commit them to memory and post them as a visual aid to keep you on track EVERY day.

If you don’t know where to find the ads, if you don’t know what an Ad Tracker is, if you don’t know what an Associate is and how to get more, go back to the bootcamp training. Watch the Video for Beginner’s again. These questions all related to the basics you must master.

FRIDAY January 24 at 8 AM CT is LIVE training day with your personal Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch.

Will you be there? We hope so! Attending this training is CRITICAL to your online success.

Got questions? Bring them! Need a demonstration of ANY of our services, tools or resources ? Just ask!

Feel like you are doing the work but not getting results? Attend the training!

Feeling like you just don’t know where to start or what to do next? Attend the training!

Bring a pen and LOTS of paper. Really! Be prepared to write stuff down. YUP! It’s back to basics for you until you start earning!

Learn from George Kosch, exactly what you need to make money online using the tools, resources and training included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

Access to LIVE EVENT: In your Member area, on left menu select HOME BUSINESS Bootcamp then click on LIVE TRAINING. Enter as a GUEST by putting your name in the box. You do NOT need to enter your Dealer ID there, enter as a GUEST. 8 am CT sharp!

NOTE: If you cannot attend the LIVE session, the training programs ARE recorded and posted to your Member area in the TRAINING section within 24 hours.

‘Let’s give them something to talk about/ a little mystery to figure out.’ Worldprofit’s Salesperson of the year 2013. Linda Elze. More on top than ever… ‘Now that we know it, let’s really show it, Darlin’.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. The lady was persistent, a total pest, never say die, always
right there wherever I was. She was. And maybe that’s the real reason I’m writing
this article today; an article of congratulation, for she’s a jolly good fellow, and
hip hip hurrah. You see, I’ve been in this exact situation before with
her… not just once or twice, either… let’s just say oodles and leave it at that.

And to think she once pulled that woman-in-tears thing on me, begging me to let
her go and forbid her from every going on the screen again… that territory she
was soon to make all her own, the envy of every man and woman whose smile
was not incandescent and who didn’t know a million ways to get the prospect off
the dime, another sale, sir; another victory lap and for good measure a happy
dance or two.

I was brutal, more James Cagney than James Dean. And those tears made me
angry, livid, Rhett Butler the night he carried Scarlett up the grand staircase to
nirvana… I mean, she wanted to work with me, she said; she wanted to touch the
lives of countless millions and improve those lives, she said. She wanted to help
little old men across the street and win Girl Scout merit badges for her skill at
summer camp leatherwork and beads.

Thus, I let her do what she insisted she wanted… now she was sobbing telling me
she wasn’t up to the job and wanted out… sheesh… what next! The "what next?"
steps went something like this…. Get up, stop crying, get a grip, child, and for the
next 7 days be me… a super duper me composed of all your good traits and all
of mine. Fly high, don’t snivel, and don’t lay that "poor lil’ me" routine on me.

She hated me at that moment. Was seething inside. Make-up running down
her livid cheeks. She wanted to spit in my face; she wanted to say the things
that make sailors blush; wanted to tell me I was an effete, spoiled brat whose
future lay in the cooking pot of a discerning cannibal with a taste for preppies en
brochette. She wanted to say that… and a whole lot more.

And she would have, too, given world enough and time. But I didn’t have the
time or inclination to stand by and listen to more of her malarkey. Curt, sharp,
abrupt, I spat out the only question that mattered at that moment of High Destiny —
for both of us.

It was take-it-or-leave it, spit in the palm of your hand and shake, a gentlemen’s
agreement between two angry people who were not at that moment gentlemen,
either of them, not even remotely close.

And so the greatest and longest-running war on Spaceship Earth — the war of
the sexes — started a new chapter. She vowed she’d show me… show me she
was no quitter; show me she was good, kind, giving, the soul of charity and here’s
your chicken soup, honey; it’ll do you a world of good. Oh, yeah, she’d show me all
right… after all nobody, absolutely nobody needed a good taking down more than I
did, blah, blah, blah. God, I love my job and every fast-moving spat and altercation….
especially since I was in a no-lose position. If she failed, she’d disappear into the
hapless hordes of the also-rans; if she didn’t…. oh, mama!

And so the "I’ll show you" game began, both battle-scarred veterans; both with a
taste for blood… for sweet victory…. and a penchant for the coolest dance music
and gyrating limbs worth the look and prolonged, eat-your-heart-out attention.
Thus, I give you "Something To Talk About", Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 mega-hit.
Oh, yeah, she’d show me all right and give everyone on terra firma something
to talk about. Go now to any search engine and seize the music that seizes you
and puts energetic bounce in your step, every step.

So armed, so ready, fueled by irritation, exasperation and an acute grudge
against the ever suave and charming CEO, me, the lady went forth to battle…
and history. She was pint-sized but her determination, honed by the challenge
I threw down, was not. She was Killer Kowalski in bunny slippers, her hair roots
perfectly matched, her vitamin of choice the very best chocolates money could buy.
And so, armed by Saint Christopher, she commenced the epic journey of her
life, a journey she knew she couldn’t lose… absolutely had to win…

The thousand mile journey begins with a single step… and she took it. This is
what she did.

Item: She made making daily, even hourly, sales her objective. She didn’t just
go forth to conquer. She went forth with a specific objective her clear and
considered goal.

Item: She was a constant and faithful participant in Worldprofit’s celebrated
bootcamp program. Invented, delivered and perfected by master technician
George Kosch, co-founder of the enterprise, she came early, listened carefully,
questioned assiduously, and advanced inexorably. She made it a point of honor
not merely to listen to George but to study him and his resourceful, timely, and
proven results.

She wanted to be his best pupil, his most successful and profitable pupil, and in
due course she was, with the bank deposit slips to prove it. Others might claim they
did as much… but the lady acted, her mastery of the necessary steps confirmed in
cold, hard cash.

Item: George Kosch told her the list is the business, the business is the list.
George Kosch told her the money’s in the list. And so she followed his lucid,
clear, sensible, proven steps EVERY SINGLE DAY. She might have skipped
a day… or two… or whole weeks. Others did and freely justified their poor
habits by any number of glib excuses. But this lady NEVER DID. This was her

I promote when I feel like it. I promote when I don’t.
I promote on days my beloved granddaughter visits. I promote when she doesn’t.
I promote when it’s sunny. I promote when it isn’t.
I promote! Promote! Promote in an entirely excuse-free zone!

It took commitment, dedication, grit and determination.

And it took heart… and this she brought to the table in joyous excess. See for

Where others could not be bothered to talk to the members of their organizations,
the lady called each and every one of them. She didn’t tell me this. She didn’t have
to. I saw it happening and saw how she turned the nervous, the clueless, the
uncertain and feckless into real business people, people who now made money
and improved their lives because she sought them out, soothed them, and invested
herself in them with the happiest of results.

She was patient, she was unrelenting, she was efficient, she was omnipresent
always taking them by the hand, giving even to those whose habits were appalling
and ability to follow directions non-existent. She gave. The lady gave. Then she
gave some more, never mind she was tired, fatigued and exhausted. She was the
embodiment of commitment and where she gave her word and hand she gave her
heart. And it is this that raised her from the merely accomplished, proficient and
successful to the enduring rank of champion… for in this she is without challenger,
without peer, without equal, not merely primus inter pares but primus overall, for this
is the magic of heart. It takes the merely good and accomplished, the solely
excellent and proficient and turns them into champions, the best of who we are
as humans, the best of who we can be.

Thus today I give you Worldprofit’s Salesperson of the Year for 2013….

Linda Elze, the lady once determined to show me… the lady who long ago
showed the world not only how to win but how to ensure that everyone touched by
her magic can win, too. This is why we honor her today… and why she is a
model for us everyday, the lady who always gives us something to talk about,
something to emulate… something to strive for… and always with love.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc. at
www.worldprofit.com, providing a wide range of online services for
small and-home based businesses.

To see Dr. Lant’s blog go to www.jeffreylantarticles.com

Dr. Lant is happy to give all readers 50,000 free guaranteed
visitors for attending his live webcast today. Visit Worldprofit
for details.

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